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About Bartender Provider

We remain the best because we learn every day

Created in January 2019,
"BARTENDER PROVIDER ST-BARTH" is resolutely positioned as one of the reference companies on the local culture bar market.


Its primary purpose is obviously to bring the maximum of "Added Values, Services and Accompaniments" around Spirits, intended for Bartenders Mixologists because they are they today the best prescribers and the first sellers of our products.


The Art of "Better Drinking" in all circumstances and the art of "Receiving" are the consequences.


With more than 20 years in the world of bar and spirits, human adventures in excellence:



  • Johann BOUARD (Head Mixologist & Associate Director)


  • Elodie BOUARD (Head of Marketing & Associate Director) 


  • Alain DEVAUX (Head of Logistic & Associate Director) 



Eager to share their skills, found “BARTENDER PROVIDER ST-BARTH” by combining creativity, innovation & Service.

About us

Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador



As a brand ambassador, my job is to develop new modes of consumption, to convey the image of the brand (s) to different sectors and to transmit the correct speech of prescription, but also to develop sales and their business in a more global way.

I also take part in the training and give a lot of master classes, especially around the mixology and bar gastronomy. My role as a brand ambassador is really a link between marketing and sales forces in the field.

My added value as "Brand Ambassador" is undoubtedly my commercial aspect. Let me explain, a Brand Ambassador today must imperatively generate sales to enroll in the length and achieve its mission.

I am also very pleased to announce that I have just been named Brand Ambassador France 2019 of the famous brand SCHWEPPES PREMIUM MIXER

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