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When we were sourcing the best sun-ripened strawberries for our Strawberry Daiquiri we tasted 32 strawberries from 6 different countries. The Daiquiri that you taste is the perfect blend of Honeoye, Elsanta and symphony strawberries from the finest growers in Poland and Spain. That’s the level of dedication that goes into our expertly made products.

But it’s not just about the Fruit, innovation is just as important and at the heart of everything we do.

It keeps us up at night, ensuring we stay ahead of the trends working with some of the industry’s leading mixologists as well as our own in house innovation team to develop new exciting flavors, serving techniques to excite and inspire.


Everything we do here at Funkin is about inspiring you to make the tastiest, highest quality cocktails possible… and if you’re not as inspired as we are to produce delicious drinks then we’re obviously not working hard enough.


Made with authentic ingredients,

Monin Purées add bold and delicious flavour to your cocktails,mocktails, and more.

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